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Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire have a thriving and ever-growing social media presence, capturing audiences across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Social media has become a crucial part of digital communication strategies, it enables businesses to deliver measureable results and reach a large number of people at a low cost.

There are now 3.196 billion social media users in the world and with ever growing digitisation that number is only set to grow.

Social media is therefore a fundamental part of Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire's communication strategy which includes a business to business set of platforms aimed at our visitor economy (Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire), and a consumer facing set of platforms (Visit Peak District & Derbyshire) aimed at the area’s visitors.

Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire

We simultaneously manage and facilitate a diverse set of projects and campaigns which promote the area. You can now watch our daily activities to keep up to date with what we’re doing and find out what opportunities you can get involved in.

We openly invite everyone within the visitor economy to follow us and join us in our conversation about promoting the Peak District & Derbyshire as a world class destination. Click on the links below to follow us.

Facebook: @marketingpeakdistrictandderbyshire

Twitter: @mpddindustry

Linkedin: Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire

If you are a business based in Peak District & Derbyshire and are posting about your daily business activity, please tag us (example on the right) in your post and use our #UniqueDistrict hashtag across all platforms to publicise how great it is to live and work in the area.

If you are a member of ours and are posting whilst enjoying your membership, please tag us in your post and use our #MPDDmember hashtag to share news with our visitor economy community.

Right image: @myguidedwalks tag example on Twitter

Tweet by @myguidedwalks

Visit Peak District & Derbyshire

Social media has changed how visitors buy their holidays and has become a major player in attracting visitors to the area. The Visit Peak District & Derbyshire brand has a thriving and ever growing social media presence. Our social media stats are below.


Infographic of latest social media stats

Social Media Campaigning - #UniqueDistrict

Our ongoing #UniqueDistrict social media campaign which was launched in 2017 invited our local businesses to ask their guests to share pictures of anything unique, different or striking about their time in the area and to share it on their social media using #UniqueDistrict.

To find out more about the campaign click here.

Want to join our online visitor economy?

Advertising on our social media platforms

Are you a local business who doesn’t have a large social media following but wants a quick boost on a promotion?

Exclusively for members, we offer a range of digital advertising opportunities to maximise the impact of your marketing activity!

From one off social media posts like our #accommodationoftheweek to full social media and digital campaigns – we can create bespoke packages for your business that are targeted, built to your budget and measurable.

Find out more about how to advertise with us on our digital bundles page by clicking here.

Social media business support workshops

Are you a business in the visitor economy who wants to launch yourselves on social media but not sure where to start? Help is at hand.

Thanks to the ERDF funding we have received, we are able to offer 12 hours free support to businesses that are based in Derbyshire. If your business is based elsewhere, or you have reached your maximum free hours of support, you can join us for £75.00 + VAT by calling 01242 212 924.

Our current social media business support workshops include:

Social Media for Market Towns

How to film and edit video content

Digital Marketing Skills – Are you reaching your target customers?

To find out more about our workshops click here


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