The marketing team at Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire are responsible for the everyday promotion of the region as well as being the brains and management behind any campaigns that we are part of.

We are constantly creating new content to market the area, whether that’s for our website, print materials, our Social Media, the blog or any PR.

We have built a combined Social Media following of just under 80k followers and we keep our website content fresh and up-to-date to get the Visit Peak District website a good ranking online.

Since 2005 we’ve also been the driving force behind a number of campaigns that have brought in millions of visitors to the area year after year. Below are just a few examples of previous marketing campaigns or current campaigns that you can get involved with.


#UniqueDistrict Campaign (2017)

Our latest campaign, which is still ongoing, was launched in September 2017 and the aim was to get audiences not only visiting the area, but to appreciate the beauty behind everything once they were here.

We wanted to encourage our visitors to share pictures of the area, growing our online reach and organically promoting the region by our visitors doing the work for us. Word-of-mouth accounts for around 74% of purchasing decisions by adults.

MPDD & our local businesses asked people to share pictures of anything unique, different or striking about their time in the area and to share it on their Social Media using #UniqueDistrict.

In line with the campaign we recruited local businesses to donate prize giveaways for some of the best photo submissions, including Mammut clothing, Hoe Grange Holidays and Hady’s Hut to encourage more photo submissions.

You can still get involved with this campaign now by sharing unique pictures of your business on your Social Media with the hashtag #UniqueDistrict. Visit Peak District will share and retweet the best submissions and being a part of the hashtag will increase your chances of reaching a new audience.

The Land to Forget Time Campaign

The Land To Forget Time

In 2016 Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire embarked on an ambitious journey to woo a new audience to the area. Hot on the heels of recent successes of the three year Regional Growth Fund marketing campaigns in association with VisitEngland, in which Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire exceeded targets generating more than £44.7 million in extra tourism spend, we made the decision to build upon the work done and capitalise on commercial opportunities presented us by RGF in working with private sector businesses to promote the area through a multi-channel marketing campaign.

‘The Land to Forget Time’ marketing campaign has been created to influence a younger, urban, typically city centre based, work hard, time poor demographic to make their escape, recharge and experience new adventures in the beautiful Peak District and Derbyshire. Historically the area has always performed well in attracting families and over 50s - but this campaign has been carefully crafted to widen that reach by appealing to a young ‘hip’ urban audience, the results being twofold with the campaign attracting new additional visitors, increasing spend and boosting both the local and regional economy.

The above the line media campaign ran for an astonishing two months, longer than we’ve ever achieved before and included out of house brand activation in the form of roadside and railway station billboards along with bus rears across the city centres of Birmingham and Manchester. The poster sites alone would have been seen an estimated 9.6m times.

To complement this activity we secured a press partnership with The Guardian across both print and digital platforms. The partnership included advertorial features and full page ads in print, as well targeted digital display advertising and home page takeovers.

We also made investments in social media advertising across Facebook, Twitter and Video on Demand as well as in paid search and programmatic digital display with contextual targeting and retargeting based on location, demographic and age.

Wowing shoppers at The Bullring Birmingham!

Brand Activation at The Bullring, Birmingham

To kick-start the campaign in style, over the weekend of 12th March 2016 we descended upon the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham to undertake a fun social media flash event, the Escape Pod, designed to gather audiences and create video content for social media to increase reach of the more traditional adverts. The resultant videos generated over 45,000, reaching well over 100,000 people.

Although the media activity has drawn to a close, all good things must come to an end that by no means sees an end to the campaign. The Land to Forget Time campaign activity will continued until the end of September whilst the accompanying microsite will remained live until March 2017.

Visitors to the campaign microsite, were encouraged to enter the competition, with a bumper prize of Peak District and Derbyshire experiences and products worth in excess of £4,800! To enter they needed to capture and upload their own short video of their ‘moment’ in the Peak District and Derbyshire whether it be going for a wild ride on a mountain bike, flying high in a glider, fishing at a favourite spot or simply walking the dog. Whatever they felt was their idea of a Great Escape in the Peak District and Derbyshire.

'The Land to Forget Time' campaign creative image is based on a photograph taken by Dronfield based, Destination Photography Partner, Mark Henson.

ullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham fun social media flash event
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