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Marketing Peak District and Derbyshire are proud to announce that we have successfully secured £1.49m European Regional Growth Fund (ERDF) funding to give your business a marketing edge.

Until 31st March 2019 we will be delivering an exciting range of workshops and events designed to improve the bottom line of your business, attract new business and access untapped markets. Working with a host of industry experts we have devised a series of FREE workshops ranging from China Welcome to Social Media for Fab Greenies, Accessibility Awareness to business finance and many more.

Growing and Developing the Visitor Economy within Derbyshire offers you and your business a great opportunity to fulfil its potential.


Throughout the life of the project we will be putting on a wide range of business support aimed at enabling your business to exploit new and emerging consumer markets.


We are adding to our calendar of business support workshops all the time; to find out more and book on please go to:


The themes identified for this strand will focus on:

International visitors

Offering specific guidance for your businesses to better understand the culture, expectations and needs of international visitors to Derbyshire. Opening up opportunities for you to attract new visitors, improve the overall experience for visitors and build a brand for Derbyshire that welcomes overseas visitors.



Aimed at improving your understanding of visitors with disabilities. We will be providing advice and information of accessible facilities and attractions within the area, improving your understanding and knowledge of disabled visitors’ needs and expectations and enabling your business to provide better experiences for visitors with disabilities. This is an area of growth; the purple pound is worth £12.1 billion a year; this strand of support is aimed at making sure that your business is able to respond to and exploit this growth potential! Together we want to build a reputation for Derbyshire of being the most accessible destination in England!




Offering business support with an emphasis on brand building and place making by providing specialist marketing advice to help you understand the benefits of promoting your business, and how your business can collectively contribute to the brand building aims for both the Peak District and Derbyshire.

Business to Business (B2B) networking opportunities

We know that you value the opportunity to network with likeminded businesses and through this theme we will continue to offer you opportunities to get together, develop relationships and experience first-hand what our areas attractions have to offer your visiting guests.



Environmental Quality Mark (EQM)

Aimed at encouraging you to adopt and achieve recognition of green practices whilst at the same time improving your overall business profitability.


Sector specific advice and support

Designed to respond to new and emerging markets, there is an on-going need to provide support that will increase the profitability and growth potential of your business. This will vary dependent on need but is likely to include customer service, social media, marketing, IT and finance.


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